How much does a robotic arm cost?

WaskosteteinRoboterarm-480wSignificant cost advantage compared to conventional industrial robots


In contrast to conventional industrial robots, low cost robotics scores with low acquisition costs, which amount to only a fraction of the costs of a conventional system. Which low-cost robotics system is suitable for a particular application depends on certain performance factors, which can be used to find the right system. The most expensive system does not necessarily have to be the most suitable.

In analyzing the initial prices of a conventional robot system in the automotive sector, it becomes clear that a trend towards more favorable overall investment costs is emerging. According to Statista, the average price of a spot welding robot plus its accessories in the US automotive industry was 45,000 US dollars in 2014. However, the purchase of just the robot itself is not enough. In addition to the purchase costs of the hardware, considerable costs are also incurred in the fields of system engineering, project management and the implementation of additional accessories such as sensors or safety barriers. All in all, in 2014 the average total investment cost for a conventional industrial robot amounted to 133,000 US dollars. The costs for systems engineering are very important here.

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